Sunday, August 10, 2014

So Naive, Yet So.

How could this be done, by such a smiling sweetheart? 
Oh you're so naive, yet so. 
-- Naive by The Kooks 

Recently, one of the playlists I follow on Spotify updated their songs and I found myself listening to 'Naive' by The Kooks. Within the first few seconds, so many high school memories circled my head and on that exact day, a friend who I hadn't contacted for a while messaged me. What a coincidence. Isn't funny how certain things can do that to you though? Whether it'd be a song, scent, place or even someone's voice? Anyway, I thought I would just share that little thought of mine. 

Fact that it's strawberry season makes me so happy // Steph's first raw cake experience at Raw // Columbian Rose Hannah bought for Paul's family // Acaí bowl dates after uni with Melisa and Gracie

I don't think I've said this on my blog before but Josh and I dedicate one night of the week for what we call 'date night'. Basically it's just our night to go eat and spend time with each other in the midst of our week. This week we went to Siam Samran in West End after hearing great reviews about their authentic Thai food! I've actually become such a big fan of Thai food this year, green curry is definitely my favourite.

Siam Samran // West End | Feast for two

I'm attempting to eat out less and save more $$$ and so far so good. Doing this will also benefit me in something I'm currently working on. For the record, my lovely aunt (Dylan's mother) took me out for dinner before work at Nagomi along Eagle Street Pier. 

Nagomi // Eagle Street Pier | Japanese tapas and cocktails to end the week.

Home sweet home // Family gathering dinner

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Stay bright and beautiful xx

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