Monday, August 4, 2014

Thank you

Hello hello, I hope you've all had a good week! I'm still trying to escape the fact uni had started but I really need to get out of this holiday state I'm currently still stuck in. Do any of you feel like this also happens to you?? I hope I'm not the only one...

Since Winter is drawing to an end (let's be honest, Winter in Brisbane? HA), I have rediscovered my love for Acai Bowls (it's too cold to eat them during Winter)! After numerous talks about taking Steph to try a bowl, Steph finally got to experience her first Acai Bowl at Kiss the Berry along with her first Bagel Boys bagel from the Jan Powers Farmer's Market in the city. I can tell you all that she loved every bite of both.

Kiss the Berry // CBD | Original KTB Bowl w/Goji Berries and Raw Cacao Nibs
I went back a few days later // Original KTB Bowl

Last week, last Thursday night to be exact, Passion Tree held a Korean BBQ party for all our staff members and to farewell Paul who is going back to America in a few days time -sad sad face-. As you can see from the photos below, we held the BBQ in the store's carpark, yep we're very classy people ;)

There was sooooo much meat

And speaking of Passion Tree, new cakes have introduced and now the showcase looks prettier than ever before.
Josh's latte art skills // Back to back swans

Ooohhh and also, I finally got to visit Kwan Brothers located in Fortitude Valley after hearing all about it on social media! Unfortunately Josh, Paul and Hannah went before I finished work so by the time I got there I only got to try two things; but at least I had it all to myself haaha. 

Since it was a Saturday night, I wasn't very surprised to see it absolutely packed especially since last time we tried coming here, they told us we had to wait for at least forty-five minutes. 

Kwan Brothers // Fortitude Valley | I personally think these are the best seats. You get to see what happens in the kitchen!
Shaking Beef Salad (GF) | Green Papaya, Chilli, Ruby Grapefruit and Peanuts
Pork Bao Bao | Pork Belly Bao Sliders

Didn't really want to end on an unhappy note but lately I've just been feeling waves of sadness (not PMS I promise). Eileen also said she was experiencing the same thing and even researched about it and told me it's something called a 'Quarter-life Crisis'?! Sometimes I just get confused about what I'm doing and where I'm going with my life which makes me doubt myself and say and do stupid things (I'm unsure how that relates with one another...). And not to mention I'm feeling more self-conscious than ever... Anyway, I'm trying to get rid of all the negative thoughts and replacing them with happy happy thoughts and you should all too!  

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. It really, really, really, really, really means a lot to me 

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