Wednesday, September 24, 2014

EUS Winter Wonderland 2014

After much drama, confusion, frustration and alterations, the night of the EUS Engineering Ball arrived. Despite some last minute changes (I had to sell a ticket on the day), the night ran smoothly and everyone looks incredibly gorgeous! It was such a shame that the venue had this horrible purple hue that really showed in photos and the food could have been better... Nonetheless, it was great seeing people all dressed up in dresses and suits since we usually choose comfort over style with our everyday outfits for uni. 

The E to my ileen. She is my everything and I do not know what I would do without her.

We're such a colourful bunch oh and Simon was at the table for 0.05% of the time and at that bar the other 99.95% of the time. 

This is my clique, you don't mess with my clique. 

Despite having an exam that finished at around six that evening and so much on his plate, Josh also came which made my night that much better. Not to mention, he looked ridiculously handsome in his suit (okay, that's enough from me). 

I feel like I've spammed enough photos over my social media already so I'll just leave it here and say I'm looking forward to the mid-semester break next week. I can finally sleep in! 

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