Sunday, September 28, 2014

Line Up, Line Up

Passiontree Velvet opening at Robina Town Centre
Duchess High Tea & Chocolatier's High Tea

Passiontree Velvet opened it's second store at Robina Town Centre of the 25th of September. Similar to the Carindale store, the menu and packaging are identical, but there are a few minor alterations regarding to decor. Jerry notified me he was heading down to the opening and little to Josh's knowledge, I tagged along with Jerry to surprise Josh after convincing him I wasn't able to go due to compulsory classes I had to attend at uni. 

Conveniently, the first Zara store in Queensland also launched at Robina Town Centre that morning, except the lines were ridiculously long and time there was limited.

Welcome to Queensland, Zara.

Mid-semester break has started and so far I spent yesterday working (super duper busy due to Riverfire), today sleeping and eating. Yet despite the sleep, my eye bags still continue to linger.

Afternoon strolls around my neighbourhood (I feel like I live in a rainforest).

Now that I've rested up, I'm ready for a packed week ahead which hopefully means more posts. Adios amigos x.

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