Wednesday, September 17, 2014

So Sprung

It's a bit late (better late than never right?), but happy Spring! Spring makes me really happy because I adore flowers and what better season for flowers to bloom. 

I've been drowning in assessment lately and I've finally had a chance to breathe so I'd thought I'd do a quick post. A week or two ago, I decided to trial five pairs of glasses from Oscar Wylee. I've been on the search for a new pair of glasses since I'm in need of a new pair as my current ones are wearing out. Oscar Wylee has this funky home trial lens concept where you can select up to five frames on their website and they deliver them to you so you can see how they actually look on you. This beats the virtual try-on system some other websites use... 

In other Spring time news, the second Passiontree Velvet store will be opening in Robina Town Centre next week on September 24th! To celebrate the launch, they're offering 'Bring a Friend for Free' offer during their opening week which sounds amazingly good to me. So Josh and I went to visit the site  on the weekend. I have to admit, Robina Town Centre exceeded my expectations and more. I don't really know what I expecting but they had so many stores and brands and Queensland's first ZARA is opening there soon too.

I've been hinting to Josh that if we ever did happen to go to Gold Coast on a Saturday, the first place we had to go was to Blendlove at Marina Mirage Farmer's Markets after I was introduced to their Instagram page by my dear friend Steph. Apart from the fact a few cakes had been sold out, their selection did not disappoint. I was so excited and overwhelmed, I wanted to try them all and I decided to buy six slices! I wish I could have brought some back to Brisbane but by the time we got from Marina Mirage to Robina, the cakes (half eaten at this point) had mostly melted, sad times. AND THEN JOSH DECIDED TO THROW THEM ALL OUT.

They tasted heavenly
Blackboard Coffee before heading back to Brisbane // Roasted Sweet Potato | Flaming Galah Juice

So these are just some of my favourite encounters since the start of Spring! Engineering ball is this Saturday and I'm doing my own make-up and hair and everything so fingers crossed it turns out well.

Until next time x.

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