Friday, October 24, 2014


I started writing this post at 2:46 am two nights ago but sleep finally got the better of me. Until the point where I decided to post, I was just reading random articles and bookmarking recipes I plan to make during my summer holidays. Up until then, I will be spending the next four weeks with my haywire sleeping patterns and my un-ending assessment.

The Little Larder w/ Celeste and Tiff // Free juice because they lost our juice docket

Dandelion & Driftwood w/Josh // Smashed Pumpkin + Cold-Drip Peppermint Tea 

Vapianos w/my younger brother //  Pollo Amatriciana

Campos Coffee w/Jason | I had orange hollandaise sauce on my meal which tasted... interesting

A short story to enlighten your soul (not too sure how enlightened you will feel though), but anywho, last Friday night, I spontaneously drove down to the Southside to visit Eileen whom had messaged me earlier that evening. If you know me, I live in suburb where no one has heard about so I'm pretty dependant on Google Maps when it comes to unfamiliar roads, especially during night time and when there are un-ending road works everywhere. I have never been to Eileen's house before so she sent me her address and so I was very dependent on my phone to navigate me there. I was one 9% battery at the time I left so I decided to risk it since I wasn't able to charge my phone anyway. Silly silly me because on my way there, my phone decided to die on me, leaving me in the middle of no where. Initially I panicked a bit but I wasn't able to stop driving since I was on a main road. However, when it came to the crossroad of entering the highway to Gold Coast or the other road where ever it lead to, I took the other road and stopped in a random car-park. I ended up charging my phone on my laptop (my not-so-portable charger haha) and all was well. We spent the night at Sweet Treats Dessert Cafe and the rest of night tea bar hopping. 

T-28 days until holidays. I cannot wait! 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Have Tea with Me

How happy I was to receive this parcel in my mailbox yesterday afternoon. I have been admiring Tara Milk Tea's illustrations and designs of her posts of Instagram, so you can only imagine how ecstatic I was to discover she had launched her own online store! I had been looking in so many stores for a suitable bag where I can fit my whole life into and for university and what better choice than this 'Have Tea with Me' bag illustrated by the oh-so-talented artist herself.

The most lovely roses // High Tea at Room with Roses [ Elizabeth Arcade ] // Breakfast at [ Rogue Bar + Bistro ] // Our matching Janoskis   

Dinner at Moos Moos [ Brisbane CBD ] // Dessert at Passion Tree[ Brisbane CBD ] he he he

I was absolutely spoilt on the weekend by Josh who came up to Brisbane for the weekend. I don't want to bore you all with my cornfield of corn so lucky you haaha

+ For those of you asking, yes I did get the iPhone 6!
+ Yes, I love it
+ No, it doesn't bend (haters gon' hate).

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Food Adventures: Hatch & Co. (Garden City)

Location // Westfield Garden City Shopping Centre, Upper Mt Gravatt, QLD 4122

I had been wanting to visit the revamped Garden City Shopping Centre after hearing so many of my friends rave about it for the past few weeks. Unfortunately, we arrived a little too late (around 8pm) on a Sunday night, but since we parked a while away from Hatch & Co. we were able to walk through and get a look inside the centre. Once we stepped out into the outside dining area, I was blown away with how incredible the renovations turned out. 

Hatch & Co. Garden City was very spacious and looked like it could cater a large crowd on a busier evening. We were kindly greeted by a staff member and chose a table right beside the fountain pool thing where it was bit more secluded accompanied by a serene view. 

The service was lovely; it was prompt and hospitable and our food arrived not too long after we ordered. For our entree, we ordered the wood-fired flatbread with beetroot dip tasted amaaaazeee. The presentation of our dishes looked deliciously appealing! We opted for a Shared Plate and Pizza as our mains however, to be honest (it may have been the combination of food we ordered since it was quite heavy), we left feeling full but not very satisfied; our mains were bland and meat was slightly dry.  

Wood-fired flatbread w/Beetroot hommus, dill, pistachio, feta

Chorizo, caramelised onion, goat's feta, oregano pizza // 12 hour pork collar, maple glaze, quinoa, orange, mustard greens // Leftover flatbread and dip (Couldn't help but devour it before the mains)

I love what Garden City has done to its outer food precinct and would recommend Hatch & Co. to you all, just balance your combination better than we did haaha

Overall: ✮1/2

Hatch & Co on Urbanspoon

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Food Adventures: Chester Street: Bakery and Bar

Location // 32A Chester Street Newstead, QLD 4006

Tucked in the corner of what seems to be like a more industrial part of Newstead/Fortitude Valley, lies a funky, retro breakfast-bakery-dessert bar known as Chester Street. After much anticipation, Bella and I ventured out to try what Chester Street had to offer. Parking was a little difficult to find, however with much patience, I finally found a park that wasn't a kilometre away. 

Menus were brought to us, however it was really unclear on whether it was table service or whether we had to order at the counter and we ended up having to ask the ladies sitting near us since the waiters were no where to be seen. We were then informed we had to order at the counter. Once at the counter, we saw the decadent display of baked goods such as Nutella Filled Doughnuts, Salted Caramel Filled Doughnuts and an array of slices! We knew we were going to have to devour a doughnut of some sort before we left. We opted for the Strawberry Glazed Doughnut ($5.00) recommended to us which tasted amazing. 

Fish Cakes (GF) - $19.90 & Soy Iced Latte // Crushed Avocado on Sourdough Toast w/Persian Feta and Dukkah - $14.90 & Fresh Pressed Juice: Green Apple, Celery, Cucumber, Kale and Mint - $8.50

I love trying different variations of avocado on toast and was really impressed by Chester Street's take on it. There was a generous amount of avocado and it was also well and cleanly presented. 

However, one thing that disappointed me was their service. The cashier came off as quite rude and looked like she didn't really want to be there and our meals were served out around ten minutes after each other. Not to mention, it was hard to get ahold of a waiter as we weren't given any water or cutlery with our meals... I find service such an integral part of the dining experience and no matter how good the food or the restaurant may be, the service really determines my final judgement. 


Chester Street on Urbanspoon

So, Much, Food.

Dinner with the family at Nagomi - [ Eagle Street Pier, CBD ]

Blackboard Specialty Coffee w/ Dung - [ Varsity Lakes, Gold Coast ] // Shouk Cafe w/Jiwon - [ Paddington, Brisbane ] // Snickers Delight Bowl at Kiss the Berry - [Brisbane CBD ] 

Rogue Bar + Bistro w/Jiwon, Rina and Aaron - [ Newstead, Brisbane ]

A big temporary welcome back to my twin, Jiwon! Even though you're not here for very long, it still is very lovely to catch up with you in person. I know you had a few food adventures you wanted to go on and I hope you were able to cross a few places off your list this time round. 

I drove down to the Gold Coast the other day to run a few errands and was also able to grab some brunch with the very busy Dung! Even though she lives ten minutes away from Blackboard Specialty Coffee down in Varsity Lakes. To be honest, I'm not a doughnut fan and after being disappointed from my first cronut experience, I decided to give cronuts another chance. Since Blackboard is rated No. 1 in Gold Coast for their doughnuts, Dung and I decided to share this decadent dark chocolate peanut butter cronut, and boy oh boy did my views about these little beauties change. The texture was like a croissant and each layer was so soft, fresh and light I couldn't help myself but finish my half. Before we left, we had been eyeing these salted caramel syringe doughnuts on the counter and we just had to try it. You inject the salted caramel into the doughnut and it just oozes out. The doughtnut itself was so ridiculously fluffy and sweet. The first bite or so tasted incredibly heavenly but after a few bites it was a bit sickening. BUT THEM FIRST FEW BITES. 

These are probably the only doughnuts I will ever rave about.

Okay, adios amigos!