Friday, October 24, 2014


I started writing this post at 2:46 am two nights ago but sleep finally got the better of me. Until the point where I decided to post, I was just reading random articles and bookmarking recipes I plan to make during my summer holidays. Up until then, I will be spending the next four weeks with my haywire sleeping patterns and my un-ending assessment.

The Little Larder w/ Celeste and Tiff // Free juice because they lost our juice docket

Dandelion & Driftwood w/Josh // Smashed Pumpkin + Cold-Drip Peppermint Tea 

Vapianos w/my younger brother //  Pollo Amatriciana

Campos Coffee w/Jason | I had orange hollandaise sauce on my meal which tasted... interesting

A short story to enlighten your soul (not too sure how enlightened you will feel though), but anywho, last Friday night, I spontaneously drove down to the Southside to visit Eileen whom had messaged me earlier that evening. If you know me, I live in suburb where no one has heard about so I'm pretty dependant on Google Maps when it comes to unfamiliar roads, especially during night time and when there are un-ending road works everywhere. I have never been to Eileen's house before so she sent me her address and so I was very dependent on my phone to navigate me there. I was one 9% battery at the time I left so I decided to risk it since I wasn't able to charge my phone anyway. Silly silly me because on my way there, my phone decided to die on me, leaving me in the middle of no where. Initially I panicked a bit but I wasn't able to stop driving since I was on a main road. However, when it came to the crossroad of entering the highway to Gold Coast or the other road where ever it lead to, I took the other road and stopped in a random car-park. I ended up charging my phone on my laptop (my not-so-portable charger haha) and all was well. We spent the night at Sweet Treats Dessert Cafe and the rest of night tea bar hopping. 

T-28 days until holidays. I cannot wait! 

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