Monday, November 24, 2014

Cheers to the Weekend

Hello dear readers, I hope you are all doing well and having a splendid time during the first few days (or weeks) of freedom! Three days in and I'm feeling incredibly free and also in need of recovery sleep. 

My weekend went by fast yet slow (?) at the same time. My Saturday consisted of babysitting, sushi, (tad expensive) specialty coffee, shopping, the intention of going out, great company, pyjamas, candles, cheap wine, reality TV shows, Passion Tree and deep and meaningful conversations on a 5km trek back home (yes, I managed to convince Sarah to walk the entire way home with me).

Passion Tree // Feast for Two | Sticky Date Pudding and Chocolate Fondue

On the other hand, Sunday morning was nice, calm and collected with a super early get-out-of-bed-time at 12pm. Although, I definitely can't say the same for Sunday night. Sarah and I spent the day at Garden City Shopping Centre walking around after Danny super kindly drove us there! I haven't seen the new renovations within the shopping centre yet so when I incredibly overwhelmed by the significant improvements and changes, I didn't even recognise the old Garden City! 

We waited for Alan (so thankful for him driving us!) to come pick us up and drive us to Grace's Party.

Noosa Chocolate Factory // 56% Dark Chocolate Iced Mocha is Love

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