Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Part 2 // Korea

Hello hello hello everyone! I cannot believe I'm returning home tomorrow night. This trip has been absolutely incredible and I'm so thankful I get to take home so many wonderful memories and experiences. Josh's lovely family definitely made sure I got the entire Korea experience -- we started at the snow where I got to try snowboarding & skiing for the first time, consumed Korean dishes I've never heard of before and tried Korean experiences such as Jjimjiilbang to visiting the busy city life in Seoul and to the peaceful, serene, seafood town in Yeosu. 

Since I took so many photos throughout my trip, I've decided to split my trip into three posts. I wanted to upload more photos but I didn't want to spam so I decided to cut a few food photos haha
Part I: At the snow at High 1 
Part II: Seoul before Hong Kong
Part III: Hong Kong
Part IV: Seoul and Yeosu after Hong Kong

Part II

Day 6 // Seoul
After our five days in the snow at High 1 came to an end, we took the shuttle bus that directly took us to Seoul. Our hotel was located in Gangnam and became our home away from home. Chris' family guided us through Itaewon, showing us the array of cuisines available before going through the backstreets in search of cafes and patisseries.  

View from my hotel room

Eclair by Garaharu // The most aesthetically pleasing eclairs I've ever laid my eyes upon

Red bean filled fish-shaped waffle thing on one of the street stalls

That night, we taxied our way to Noryangjin Fish Market where all my wildest seafood dreams were set out right before my eyes. Basilcally, it was just stall after stall for what felt like a kilometre where wholesalers presented their freshest seafood swimming around in tanks or laid out and customers purchased whatever seafood they pleased. Once we bought what we wanted, they were brought up to the restaurant upstairs for us to consume. I felt so spoilt by the selection of seafood on offer! To be honest, I was never a big fan of seafood (except for sashimi), until I met Josh. Ever since then, my appreciation for seafood has increased ten-fold.

Sashimi // Raw Kingfish and Tuna
Fresh Oysters

After dinner, us younger ones went out and met with Jiwon and a few of our other friends for what ended up to be a pretty crazy night. 

Day 7 // Seoul
The day after, we headed to Co-Ex to check out the recently renovated shopping centre. The shopping centre itself was massive, it took Josh, Jiwon and I ageees to find where Hannah, Chris and Johnny where. Even though the centre was huge, the stores were really spread out and the ceiling was really low which I didn't quite like...

Jiwon and I at Co-Ex

Later that evening, Josh and I took the metro to Myeongdong! Stores were placed one after another and there were numerous street food carts which all smelt delicious. I ended up trying the tteokbokki, odeng (fish cake), this strawberry covered in red-bean and mochi thing and pomegranate juice!

Day 8 // Seoul
Josh and I took the metro to Hongdae where we spent the afternoon cafe hopping while exploring the area. We discovered this pretty cool specialty coffee cafe located on the second level of a store in one of the inner streets called Word Coffee. Their interior immediately caught our eye and I ended up ordering their house brew while Josh ordered an Espresso. I hadn't drinken a coffee in a while and their brew tasted just the way I like it! Out of our entire trip, this had to be my favourite cafe we stopped at.

Hongdae // Stylenanda Flagship Store


From there, we took the taxi which drove us to the bottom of Namsam Tower. Instead of taking the cable car up, we decided to climb up the stairs which turned out to be a lovely workout. I've always wanted to lock a lovelock on Namsam Tower and my dream finally came true heehehehehe. On one side of our lock we wrote something cute and lovely but then on the other side out true colours came out HAHA

Halfway up!

Very classy

Later that night, I ate the best kimbab I have even eaten in my entire life. The photo doesn't even do the kimbab justice.

Ended up ordering three churros for dessert HAHA

I'll be on the plane home this time tomorrow! Thank you all for reading and I hope you all have a lovely day :)

Much Love xoxo

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