Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Kokoda Track Memorial Walk & QVM Night Market

Allo allo! Today Melbourne forecasted a nice and sunny day with a top of 37 degrees. Being the smart people we are, my mum, Lisa and I decided to drive to the Dandenong Ranges to walk the renowned Kokoda Track Memorial Walk (1000 Steps). I've made smarter decisions in life than this but since it was my mum's last day off work before I fly back to Brisbane, today was the only day we could go. Once we arrived at the Ranges, we had a lovely picnic at the picnic grounds located right near the walk entrance. Everything at the picnic was going well until Lisa decided to throw some of her sandwich at an evil-looking crow and before we knew it, we were surrounded by a circle of evil-looking crows. I was so scared they were going to attack us but Lisa went full YOLO and ran at them all with a stick she picked up from the ground yelling 'LEAVE US ALONE!' 

Pre-walk but oh I was red as a tomato by the time I finished in the scorching heat

I was walking at a much faster pace than my mum and Lisa so before I knew it, I was hiking on my own. There was an old-ish man (pictured below) a distance away from me and before I knew it he was overtook me. As he was over-taking me he told me 'doesn't matter how slow you go, just don't stop!' and soldiered on. He later went through the track twice, walking up and running down, then walked back up and ran back down again giving me words of encouragement every time we crossed paths.

 Plaque at the top of the walk
Going back down & thank goodness for SPF 50+ sunscreen

Later that evening, we planned to go home then to the Queen Victoria Night Market however, we skipped the going home part and drove straight to the night market. Every one there seemed to be all nicely dressed with make-up done up all while I looked like a potato that had just rolled down a hill. Anywho,  the market was absolutely packed. Absolutely, ridiculously packed it actually made me feel claustrophobic. Surprisingly though, even with massive lines, the service was impeccably fast, so well done to the stalls we went to who had the customer service part down pat.

Cheese Potato Slinky from Original Korean Twist Potato | Open Gyros Platter from Souvla(my fave of the night)

Roti Canai from Mamak

Chicken and Mushroom Paella from El Rincon Paellas

These heavenly doughnut balls smothered in nutella and hazelnuts from Taki's Balls 

Take care everyone xx

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