Sunday, March 15, 2015


Do not count the candles but notice the light they give. Do not count the years; look at the life you live.  

Another year older and hopefully another year wiser. 
It's ridiculous to look back and realise how fast time has flown by without me realising it most of the time. It only felt like a few weeks ago since I turned nineteen and here I am about to blog about my twentieth birthday. 

Josh had planned to go to the Melbourne International Coffee Exhibition (MICE) a few weeks back which conveniently happened to be on the weekend of my birthday so we agreed to spend my birthday in Melbourne. He had planned out my birthday and all I had to do was sit back, relax and prepared to be surprised. 

Our journey from Brisbane to Melbourne was a restless one, reaching our wonderfully hosted destination in the CBD at midnight. My first Airbnb experience was amazing, the hosts waited for us until midnight to personally hand us the keys and even gave us a tour of the complex located right next to Federation Square! The apartment itself was awesome, so modern, so clean, so cosy, so accommodating, so central, so me -- Josh and I luuuuurved it. Following Josh's lead, we woke up the next morning at a dark and early time of 3:30am with the intention of leaving by around 4am. As you can imagine, we were incredibly tired so I slept for a while in the car while Josh drove to our destination (which I had absolutely no clue about). After an hour later, we arrived at a cosy cafe where I discovered we were about to experience hot ballooning overlooking Yarra Valley. I got so excited, I wasn't feeling tired at all. We waited for a few others to arrive (there were ten of us in total) before heading off to the launch site which happened to within a local property. Our guides were so kind and welcoming which made my morning that much more special. Needless to say, this experience was incredible -- the views were gorgeous, the sunrise was beautiful and everything about it (except the cold at times) was breathtaking. Although Josh and I were also expecting it to be a bit more thrilling than it was haahha, it felt so safe and calm which isn't such a bad thing. Oh and no-one really mentions anything about how loud it actually is! 

Two other hot balloons were up in the sky

Once we landed, everyone helped pack up before heading off to Chateau Yering for a Champagne breakfast where we sipped glasses of champagne with our breakfast! I was so hungry I didn't even really get a chance to take a proper photo. 

Just recounting this morning makes me want to relive this incredible experience, another think I can now tick-off my bucket list. 

On the drive back home, we visited the chocolate factory, a winery and the Yarra Valley Dairy Farm where we enjoyed a delightful Farmer's Cheese Platter. I couldn't stop eating the selection of breads and the Persian feta and beetroot relish was so on point. 

Finally got to spend my birthday with my mum after a long seven years :')

And now, the main purpose of our trip to Melbourne was to attend MICE which spanned across three days. After a decent night of sleep we fuelled up for our day at St. Ali located in South Melbourne (possible Melbourne edition of my Food Adventures coming up *wink wink*).

My Mexican Cousin | Rye Smile

Melbourne International Coffee Exhibition 2015

We attended the first two days of the exhibition and I consumed so much coffee I was buzzing throughout the entire day. It was very interesting talking to so many different people and hearing their outlooks of the industry and all that jazz although half of the time I felt so clueless when they got super technical. The coolest part was watching a few of the contestants compete live at the Latte Art Championship! We watched @calebtiger in the semi-final who poured this crazy zebra design for his free pour; he also ended up winning the title in the finals!! 

+39 Pizzeria for dinner after the first night of MICE. We were starving and tired we devoured our food so fast / Anti-Pasti: Collezione Bruschette 

Tall Timer on Saturday morning before a hectic day around Melbourne. Came across the best Uber driver who drove us around throughout the day and even offered to take us to dinner next time we visited Melbourne / Breakfast Board | Roast Pumpkin + Cauliflower Bruschetta | Piccolo, Peppermint Tea & Green Juice

Birthday cake back at home from Jocelyn's Provisions


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