Saturday, April 18, 2015


I know I know, my photos are totally unrelated to the content of post but it's the best I can do okay.

After one of the longest weeks I've had this year, I think it's safe to say now is the time to take a bit of a breather. To be frank, it feels like I'm a bit everywhere at the moment as my life is currently all packed up in boxes waiting to be released once we finally move. Staying in a temporary room hasn't been all that fun either (parents are renting out all the rooms before we actually move aahah). 

Happy thoughts to brighten up your day

Inevitably, it was time for Josh to move to Sydney so I accompanied him in his drive from the Gold Coast all the way down to Sydney. We planned to leave on the Sunday however due to technical/car difficulties, we were unable to depart until Wednesday night. After dinner on Wednesday, we headed straight towards Sydney, stopping over at Coffs Harbour for the night. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get photos during the dark and my phone ran out of battery just as were leaving Newcastle the next early afternoon, but I can assure you, once you get past all the highways and roadworks, the drive from Newcastle to Sydney is definitely a beautiful one. Oh, and also, there is limit until 'I Spy with my Little Eyes' makes you have the urge to jump out of the car. 

Hours later, many 'Categories' done and dusted, things spied with our eyes, bottles of water drank, boxes of crackers and bags of fruit eaten, we arrived in Sydney at approximately 4-5 pm (ish) and I was surprised with how many things we got done during the time we arrived, to the time we slept (more like collapsed) that night. Unfortunately, due to late departure from Gold Coast, I had to leave the next afternoon! Before my flight, we were able to scope out Macquarie Centre, sit down for a meeting and have brunch at Devon Cafe. I'll be heading there next weekend for to host my first tea party (sort of)...   

I finished my first mid-semester exam for the year so here's a funky picture to celebrate.
Some funky artwork at Gelato Messina in Coolangatta

Right to left: BSKT (Gold Coast) / Blendlove (Gold Coast) / One Penny Black (Newcastle) 

If you see me around uni, I'm sorry but I most definitely do not look like this

With love xoxo

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